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InMobi Diagnostics - A new tool for developers to improve monetization

Rangasayee Chandrasekaran
Product Manager
5 min read
Posted on April 12, 2013

At InMobi we are constantly working on making it easy for our customers/partners to integrate faster and make life easier. We are very excited to share this with all of you (and as always look forward to your feedback and suggestions). Sending more information as part of an ad request improves monetization. As sending more information is not always easy, we have built a new tool, InMobi Diagnostics, to help you.

With Diagnostics you can:

  • Integrate faster
  • Improve eCPM

Integrating faster

Developers often receive no fill messages from ad serving systems due to faulty ad requests. Upon setup, Diagnostics provides actionable next steps to the developer based on what went wrong with integration. This quickly enables the developer to rectify integration issues in a single sitting.

Improving Monetization

Developers, who do not receive expected eCPMs for some of their inventory segments, typically optimize for what just works or divert traffic to other ad networks. In essence, they are not well equipped with tools to help themselves and solve problems related to monetization. Diagnostics highlights information that is missing from ad requests and indicates how to send them as well. The illustration below shows the average monetization improvement (eCPM lift) developers can expect to see by sending more information. Given below is the screenshot of the tool that tells an interesting story where the developer uses his/her personal Galaxy S3 as a test device and realizes that geo location is missing in the ad request. The developer makes the required change and verifies the fix in a very short time.

More details on how to set up InMobi Diagnostics are available in a help article.

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