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Launching SDK 370: A new, improved and non-UDID iOS Ads SDK

Vishnu Shridhar
5 min read
Posted on April 16, 2013

With Apple announcing that UDID deprecation will be completed starting May 1, we have released our latest version of the iOS ads SDK that completes our move away from UDID which was initiated in version 350. We believe that this is a step in the right direction for the industry that will help protect end user privacy while still enabling advertisers to safely target users.

What does it mean for developers?

UDID information will no longer be collected or used by the InMobi SDK making it Apple policy compliant. Instead, other user-safe identities introduced by Apple such as the advertiser ID will be used for targeting users and tracking installs . This will ensure that it will be business as usual for developers as far as monetization is concerned.

What else is new in SDK 370?

SDK 370 is MRAID 2.0 compatible - MRAID2.0 is the latest specification for rich media. This is an industry leading effort that will ensure that our developers receive the most engaging rich media ads from our premium advertisers across the globe. We have made several changes to reduce the load time for ads, leading to improved end user experience. Our initial tests also indicate a jump in eCPM due to this change. We have also taken steps to future-proof the SDK to reduce update cycles. This includes server side switches and a flexible ads container that will help us introduce new ad formats without requiring an SDK change at your end. In short, you can start receiving all new high monetizing ad formats released by InMobi through this SDK! Watch out for more updates on some of the new ad formats we will be releasing in the coming months. To get started, download the SDK from our download centre now!

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