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New Monetization SDK on the Windows 8 platform available today

Vishnu Shridhar
5 min read
Posted on April 22, 2013

At InMobi, we are leading the charge of architecting innovative ad monetization solutions for developers. With 50,000 and more apps on the Windows 8 App Store, and a vast majority of them being free, we see a clear need for a viable monetization solution for developers on the Windows platform . With the launch of this new Windows 8 SDK, we are now extending our scalable and proven technology from other platforms to the youngest and the most promising one. The SDK is now available for download on our download center. Keeping in line with our innovation across platforms, this SDK is completely rich media capable. In fact, the SD MRAID 1.0 compatibility gives us the ability to launch campaigns from some of the most creative studios. This will help us continue to deliver immersive ad experiences to end users that developers are used to seeing from us on other platforms. Windows has a wide variety of offerings which developers can choose from to develop their applications. InMobi supports monetization options for all of the various platforms:

SDK Type Environment/ OS InMobi Availability
Windows 8/RT SDK Windows 8/RT - Tablets Yes
Windows 8 HTML/JavaScript SDK Windows 8/RT - Tablets Yes
Windows Phone 8 SDK Windows Phone 8 Yes
Windows Phone 7 SDK Windows Phone 7 Yes

Needless to say, you can continue to expect market leading monetization solutions from InMobi that will enable developers to establish a successful business on the Windows platform.

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