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Introducing InMobi Reflections

Ian Anderson
5 min read
Posted on June 17, 2013

When technology works people dont think about how it works, they focus on its use and enjoy the experience. However, there are some of us who wonder what goes on behind the scenes; how the œfeats of magic are performed and what is required to provide state-of-the-art technology experiences. Weve decided to share more about the great technology and insights we develop here at InMobi. To do this we are launching a series of blog posts that provide a behind-the-scenes look at some of our efforts to tackle the challenges of creating a world-class ad network. Specifically we will be discussing running a large hardware infrastructure, the mathematical techniques involved in this, software and of course mobile device specific technology. Over the last few years, the technologies that power InMobi products have seen exponential usage growth, alongside a continuous expansion of our product base. Rising to this increasing demand is a challenge. However, it has fostered a culture of innovation within InMobi; a passion for solving difficult problems that has flourished in an open environment that buzzes with creative energy. Earlier this year our passion for innovation was given a nod from MITs Technology Review, listing InMobi as one of the Top 50 Disruptive Companies for 2013. Very cool. Our new blog series is called Reflections. Within it we hope to share some of the innovative energy that pulses through the hallways of InMobi. The first few posts in the coming weeks will cover:

  • An introduction to Apache Falcon, a project created at InMobi and open sourced earlier this year
  • Our experiences with garbage collection ergonomics in the JVM
  • Approaches to handling unusual data distributions

With more to follow. Please come back to read more.

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