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InMobi welcomes iOS 7 to the mobile advertising ecosystem with over 1 million requests a day

Tanvi Kapoor
Director - Product Marketing
5 min read
Posted on July 05, 2013

The world of mobile technology is a tightly linked ecosystem. Strategic decisions of every player have a massive impact on the direction of the industry and affect every other company therein. It is no wonder then that announcements of new products are followed with such hawk eyed vigilance. We strongly believe that the sign of a truly agile company is the ability to accept and comply with each new industry development quickly without disrupting its processes and strive to build such a scalable and stable mobile advertising platform for our customers. Apple announced the beta launch of the new iOS 7 operating system less than a month ago at the WWDC. Within a week, iOS 7 was available as an option for targeting on the InMobi advertiser portal, giving our advertisers access to this very niche segment of early adopters and serious developers. Thousands of campaigns are already active on the InMobi network targeting iOS 7 devices, and we have been seeing more than a million ad requests a day, growing by 25% over the last two weeks, and are confident that this is only going to increase as iOS 7 powered tablets get added to the mix.

About the Author

Tanvi has been in the telecom industry for the last 6 years and is successfully using her understanding of the mobile user in the exciting mobile advertising ecosystem. In her latest role, she is responsible for dissecting the inspirations behind the user behavior on the mobile and identifying the best monetization strategies for the evolving mobile ecosystem.

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