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InMobi Insights - Brand Issue 2013

Shrikant Latkar
VP of Marketing
5 min read
Posted on July 29, 2013

We are publishing this issue immediately after the Cannes Lions 2013 event the largest gathering of creative and advertising professionals across the globe. Starting in 2012, Mobile Lions was introduced as a category to recognize the fact that mobile advertising has come of age. This year, marked the rise of mobile web and mobile apps, where creative professionals embraced this new medium to reach and engage the consumer on a far more personal level.

In this issue, we highlight some of the most interesting trends we have observed in the area of mobile advertising over the last six months, along with some of the most engaging campaigns that have ever been executed on our global ad network. As we gear up for the largest quarterly spending event in advertising, and more particularly the largest single quarter for mobile advertising, we hope to inspire you and share some unique ideas that you can execute in Q4.

About the Author

Shrikant is responsible for all marketing activities for InMobi globally. Additionally, he is also responsible for market research (InMobi Insights) and corporate communications. Shrikant has spent over 18 years in the technology industry in a wide variety of marketing, product management, and engineering leadership roles. Prior to InMobi, Shrikant was responsible for marketing all products and solutions for the Aricent Group comprising of three strategic business units - product engineering services, carrier services and solutions, and frog. He has also worked in various leadership roles in marketing, product management and engineering at Juniper Networks, Avaya and Lucent Technologies Bell Labs.Having lead both products and services businesses, Shrikant brings a well rounded perspective for all aspects of product management and marketing.

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