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Launching InMobi Insights: Our thought leadership portal on mobile advertising

Hemant Kumar
5 min read
Posted on August 05, 2013

Mobile devices have evolved into 'must have' shopping accessories as consumers are increasingly using the mobile web to research products, comparison shop or make purchases. With consumers increasingly using advanced mobile technologies in every aspect of their lives, all the stakeholders in the mobile advertising ecosystem are scrambling to align their strategies with consumer behavior. Furthermore, marketers are grappling with the explosion of digital channels for consumers to interact with brands. In this scenario, advertisers need to adopt a mobile advertising strategy that engages customers with relevant content at the right time.

In 2013, with mobile advertising going mainstream, creating advertising campaigns that engage consumers and capture their fleeting attention requires insights and this is exactly what InMobi provides through this new solution - Insights on Demand, a single portal that provides actionable insights by leveraging the results of our consumer surveys along with data sourced from our global ad network. The portal includes the findings of InMobi Media Consumption Research Study to provide a comprehensive view of evolving media consumption and usage behaviors of over 15,000 mobile Internet users across 14 countries.

With our advertising network spanning 165 countries, InMobi has access to large amounts of data relating to mobile consumer behavior. By leveraging the InMobi Network Analysis tool, we run analytics on this data to provide actionable insights to advertisers and help drive their mobile marketing strategy. The results are aggregated by processing big-data from multiple sources to offer a snapshot of the mobile operating system, device and the global mobile advertising landscape.

Based on the findings of ongoing consumer research in several countries, the Insights on Demand portal offers the Infographics on Demand to help you create country-specific Infographics and identify emerging mobile marketing trends. With this tool, you can identify valuable opportunities and adopt the most appropriate mobile marketing strategy to drive sales. You can tweak your advertising strategy by providing real-time inputs on trending patterns in mobile consumer behavior across geographies by publishing insights, infographics and whitepapers periodically. We continue to evangelise and share interesting insights on mobile advertising through webinars, articles and newsletters on mobile marketing and advertising trends.

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