Overcoming Banner Blindness with InMobi Smart Ads

    Alan Peters
    5 min read
    Posted on August 16, 2013

    It is no surprise that the banner blindness phenomenon has caught up with mobile advertising forcing Advertisers to rethink how to reach out to consumers in innovative and engaging ways. Rich Media ads have taken the advertising world by storm and analysts have predicted a shift in budgets in their favor.

    InMobi Smart Ads take the game to the next level by adapting to triggers based on external feeds to deliver contextually relevant and deeply engaging ads. Smart Ads are pretty slick. They use real-time context when they run and can deliver creatives that adapt to triggers from location, weather, as well as live feeds (movie show-times, sport scores, etc.). On the InMobi Network, Smart Ads have delivered 3x install rates, 10x interaction rates, and 3.2x higher conversions over traditional rich media ads.

    So, what makes InMobi Smart Ads work better? Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner in Economics, gives us some basis for conjecture in his book œThinking Fast and Slow. Kahneman outlines two systems for human action - one fast and one slow. Our fast-thinking filters out relevance/ irrelevance before our slow-thinking system does further evaluation.

    Image Credit: http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2011/11/27/books/review/HOLT-sub.html I believe that the contextual cues signal our fast-system that the message is more natural, more relevant, more conversational -- and we pass it on to our other slow-system for evaluation. The classic approach is to make a high-impact, emotional appeal to catch the interest of the fast-system. InMobi Smart Ads take a step further by creating a more natural feeling brand-to-customer conversation that accounts for the consumer current context. This improved conversation might better cut through our fast-thinking filter by standing out as more relevant and real. Here are real-world examples that stand up to this hypothesis: Example: Stock-ticker in Bloomberg iPad campaign InMobi promoted downloads for the Bloomberg App by integrating with its proprietary stock-ticker.

    The Bloomberg iPad promotion resulted in a whopping 37% install rate as compared to an install rate of less than 10% for other rich media campaigns. The stock ticker was customized to show select stocks in real-time, helping cut through the noise to create a more relevant conversation. The stock details displayed were selected based on their importance to active traders, again highlighting the focus on the consumer and enabling a stronger connect with the Brand. Example: Weather-triggered campaign for one of the world's top 3 retailers InMobi Creative Services team leveraged temperature variance to trigger promotional messaging for fishing gear, generating 2x engagement rates as compared to traditional rich media campaigns.

    The campaign adapted its message based on the end-user location and weather. Depending on local weather conditions, the weather-triggered creative delivered a message to œbuy fishing gear now or œstock up for a sunny day. InMobi Smart Ads can deliver creative that adapts to any external trigger. Signals from the mobile device are already being used to deliver ads optimized for viewing on the user current device orientation. Other signals such as those from the device accelerometer could detect that the user is travelling and trigger changes to the creative to bring relevant context. As we explore more innovative applications of contextual triggers, its evident what were seeing with Smart Ads capabilities today is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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