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10 things you need to know about mobile marketing

Bikash Chowdhury
5 min read
Posted on September 02, 2013

As the mobile juggernaut rolls on, fundamental shifts are taking place in the way consumers use mobile devices (moving from feature phones to smartphones) and consume content (rich media, multi screening). Phalgun Raju, VP and GM for India, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and Hong Kong, InMobi in this MEF article talks about these changes and the top 10 things that we need to know about mobile marketing.

  1. Smartphones shipment will cross 1 billion in 2014
  2. Smartphones will outship feature phones for the first time in 2013
  3. Mobile devices rule media consumption
  4. Mobile traffic is moving fast, ad-spend to mobile is not
  5. Mobile apps have left the mobile web far behind
  6. Multiscreening is on the rise
  7. Rich media drives consumer engagement
  8. Mobile display ads are much more than banner ads
  9. Consumers are comfortable with mobile ads
  10. Mobile ads drive purchase behavior

Read the complete article here.

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