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InMobi goes to GMIC Silicon Valley: Day 1

Mackensie Smith
5 min read
Posted on October 23, 2013

The InMobi team arrived at Moscone South, right down 4th Street from our San Francisco office, bright and early to get going at the Global Mobile Internet Conference, Silicon Valley’s largest mobile conference and expo. The lines wrapped and winded about the lobby with a diverse crowd ready to come together for the sake of pushing mobile technology forward through shared knowledge.

Bright white and blue, the InMobi booth gleamed with clean design as the expo floor opened. Our swag bags were snatched up in no time and friendly InMobi experts answered inquiries on monetization, user acquisition and our recently released ad formats for developers.

Mike Cohen, VP and General Manager of Performance and Programmatic Advertising, started off the InMobi speaking sessions at the Global Game Stars stage for the panel, Are Social Platforms Changing the World of User Acquisition? He joined fellow leaders from industry-changing companies such as Storm8,PlayFirst, Fiksu and Glu Mobile. Chris James, of Steel Media Ltd., expertly hosted the panel as speaking points wrapped their way around the panel on how performance-based companies acquire quality users.

“The conversation has really shifted to Lifetime Value (LTV),” said Cohen. He also mentioned that we have approximately 700 million users on our network that we can leverage to optimize LTV.

The crowd then drifted on to brave more of the bustling expo floor and break for lunch. After more coffee was consumed and phones were recharged GMIC logos illuminated the walls of the main Thought Leadertrack stage as an InMobi ad rolled across the gargantuan screen.

Piyush Shah, VP of Product, stepped up to the podium to a full audience to discuss how to go aboutUnleashing the Potential of your User Data.

With a delightfully designed presentation he launched into many key points on the importance of maximizing your product’s user data. He gave real world examples and some quotable sound bites such as his opening statistic that mobile generates 10 times for user signals than desktop.

He continued, “Why is this user data a gold mine? The key piece is your app is on the device of the user. You have a direct connection with the user. Secondly, data is far richer.” He then proceeded to explain the affluence of geo targeting, context and behavior.

“There’s a lot more context about the user when it comes from the user themselves,” Shah said. He then talked about big app developers can leverage this user data in conjunction with networks like InMobi to segment users, and create far more valuable packages that help developers monetize their non-In App Purchase customers (which happens to be 90-95% of any app’s user base).

Following a warm round of applause, the afternoon the conference continued with a fascinating sessions on everything from a Girls in Tech hosted panel on the importance of diversity to a fireside chat with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote.

The lights may have dimmed after that final lobby conversation ended and the last expo explorer left the building, but minds were still bright and expectations high. InMobi is looking forward to an sensational second day of GMIC! Stay in touch with all of our news and events on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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