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InMobi goes to GMIC: Day 2

Mackensie Smith
5 min read
Posted on October 28, 2013

We rolled into Moscone Center Stage C like an anticipatory entourage in support of Ryan Merket, Director of Product at InMobi. Merket commenced the m-Marketing track with the perfect start, an opening keynote followed by a Q&A on Native Ads, The Future of Monetization.

“Good morning. I know it’s early, but I’m about to blow your mind,” Ryan began as he introduced the company’s three new products: Custom Ads, AppGalleries and the Native Ads Platform.

“Native advertising is non-obtrusive, contextual and places the user experience first,” Ryan explained as he showed illustrative examples of how the ads work with the platform, not outside of it. “Native ads show a 50% increase in click-through rates.”

According to Ryan’s expertise, native advertisements are the future of mobile advertising. If you’re interested in beta testing native ads with, email Ryan at ryan@inmobi.com.

Ryan also introduced the relaunch of AppGalleries. He explained the platform as a “customizable mini app store.” It takes less than 10 minutes to set-up and starts monetizing the mobile site or app from day one!

AppGalleries was originally a product of MMTG Labs, which InMobi acquired in 2012.

“We decided to get acquired because we would have had to build an ad network from scratch to support what we wanted to do, and it was hard to articulate this vision to VCs to garner the resources we needed,” Ryan told TechCrunch in a recent interview. “InMobi had the tech to help us fulfill that vision.”

The day continued with a busy expo floor, more run-ins with the adorable Android walking mascots and sensational sessions featuring key leaders.

As the tear-down crew swooped in, the conference broke away from Moscone South to dine, drink and get dressed-up for the GMIC official after party, lovingly entitled Nerd Fest.

In being a key sponsor & co-host of any party, such as InMobi with Nerd Fest, it’s important to remember the essentials of a good party-

  1. Good people worth trying to talk to
  2. Dancey music (whatever sort of dance that is, is up to you)
  3. Lively lights of different colors and pulsation
  4. Libations
  5. Photo booth with treasure chest of dress-up clothes

This party at Temple fit the bill for a revel-worthy affair. VIPs were ushered downstairs the special VIP lounge for free drinks and an iPad Mini raffle as dancing feet lit up the dance floor on the main floor under the reign of the DJ.

Rounding a corner, the party people were met with a fantastic photo booth backed with a giant tye-dye mustache screen next to a dress-up box hosting feather boas, crowns and faux tux vests. Photo booths are where normal people transform, for a hot flash second, into celebrities. Clowning and goofing, working the lens like it loves them.

Into the night the party spilled. A sense of finality and a job well done at whatever that was – networking, exhibiting, collecting as many business cards as possible, speaking, tweeting. It takes many hands, voices and minds to make such an event come together. Pats on the back GMIC. We will see you in Beijing in May 2014 where CEO, Naveen Tewari, will highlight the conference!

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