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InMobi Analytics: The one stop solution for all your analytics needs

Abhishek Khurana
Product Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on November 07, 2013

App developers continuously strive to create more innovative and more engaging apps, and once their app is ready for the world, they look to acquire new users, engage them, as well as monetize their entire user-base. However, the cost to acquire new users grossly outpaces monetization, creating the need to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) for each user. In addition, different ad networks deliver users with varying LTV, thereby raising the question – Which ad network do I channel ad spend to in order to maximize my ROI?

Previously InMobi launched two products – InMobi Ad Tracker (IAT) to track campaign performance across ad networks and InMobi Lifetime Value Platform (LTVP) to maximize the LTV for each user. The benefit to app developers was to garner a deep understanding of their user base and act upon these insights. These two products were a step in the right direction but were limited in their ability to analyze the true ROI for the app developer. To solve this ROI problem, we merged IAT and LTVP to give birth to InMobi Analytics. Now app developers can not only track the true ROI of their advertising spend by tracing user LTV back to acquisition sources, but also analyze user behavior, user engagement to derive insights and take action on them!

Typical conversion tracking solutions measure the performance of an ad network based on the number of clicks and installs it delivers. This completes only half the ROI equation by gauging the cost of user acquisition. InMobi Analytics does this seamlessly by allowing advertisers to track campaign performance across more than 40 ad networks and feedback these signals to the ad servers and improve campaign effectiveness. To solve for the remaining part of the ROI puzzle, InMobi Analytics measures the value generated by these acquired users, giving app developers a view of their true ROI.

And thats not all. InMobi Analytics allows app developers to maximize the LTV for each user through the insights, segments and actions paradigm. This entails a deep understanding of each user and optimizing his/her value based on acquisition, monetization and engagement dimensions. Building such capabilities in-house requires technical expertise on big data analysis and predictive modelling, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. InMobi Analytics, on the other hand, is a free, user-friendly solution designed to fulfill all your analytics needs. Further, it is pre integrated with the InMobi SDK, eliminating the need for adding another SDK to your app. InMobi Analytics can help unlock your app’s true potential by monetizing your non-paying user base through user segmentation, improving your app design by analyzing user interaction and drop offs, promoting virtual goods to the right user segments, cross-promoting your other apps through house ads, rewarding your engaged users and a whole lot more…..

Learn more by visiting www.inmobi.com/products/inmobi-analytics. Visit the SDK download center to download InMobi unified SDK and get started today! For any further queries, please drop a line to developer@inmobi.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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