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Inside the InMobi Office: San Francisco

Mackensie Smith
5 min read
Posted on November 19, 2013

Ahhhh SOMA. You glorious little conclave infamous for start-ups on every corner, food trucks in most alleys, developers in hoodies and, perhaps best of all, the San Francisco InMobi office!

Welcome! Svāgata! Accueil!

InMobi has that gleam of something special right from the beginning because we are a global company. With 17 offices in every corner of the world–China, Japan, HQ in India, London, France–each office is unique to the culture of that region. So, in case you haven’t stopped by to say hi, let’s take a virtual tour to see what it’s really like on a day-to-day in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The InMobi office is easy peasy lemon squeezy to reach on public transportation; walk down from the Powell Street Bart Station, walk up the block from CalTrain or make a stop on MUNI. If you do enjoy the air conditioning of your own car, park in the garage below the building for convenience (and a as-good-as-it’s-going-to-get priced parking pass).

Ascend to the forth floor of 475 Brannan St. (just a few blocks away from AT&T Park, home of the SF Giants!) and the eyes immediately focus in on a glorious circle surrounding the logo. (It’s hard to miss.) The circle calms and centers you before opening the door into the airy welcome area.


Office administration (and one of the InMobians set to work on the design of the new office), Linda Davis said the entryway is one of her favorite parts of the office.


“I love the minimalism. It greets you in a clean, modern way,” Davis said. “All of the furniture was custom made—with the exception of the reception desk—and there used to be a whole row of offices to this right wall.”


Taking Care of Business

Head deeper into the office and you’ll meet the faces that make InMobi illuminate the tech industry. The low dividers between desks make for creative co-working and collaboration. There’s never a lack of “Can you meet in five?” or “Come look at this,” or “That looks amazing!”


Ryan Merket, Director of Product and happy new father, said, “The aesthetic of the 360 degree windows up here offer epic views of the city.” He’s right! Plus they allow for a calming natural light to enliven the office.


Erica Elizaldi, a rock star graphic designer, said that the environment helps spark her creativity.

“I love the wide staircase and how it opens to the free space on the third floor,” Elizaldi said.


The third floor offers a gathering area for around 100 people to listen to presentations, conglomerate at our hosted conferences and foster teamwork for our quarterly kickoffs.


Off to the left wall is a row of small glass-windowed conference rooms commonly where small groups will draw intricate outlines on the white boards, host conference calls or just take time to collect thoughts while playing music out loud.

Play with your Food

Fun tour so far! Hungry yet? Good. Take a skip through our state-of-the-art kitchen with its stainless steel appliances and gigantic wooden table, the catered breakfast to start off the week and catered lunch EVERY DAY is simply delicious.


Take your food out to the patio. It’s the perfect secluded spot blocked from the wind and captures the right amount of rays.


Yasameen Behdad, a heroine in the HR department, said, “The deck allows us to enjoy the San Francisco weather…it’s always sunny south of Market!”


There’s something for everyone in the snack bowls. The mid-afternoon snack attacks can be fulfilled with everything from the healthy—string cheese, greek yogurt, fresh fruit and almonds—to the sometimes much needed junk food—chips, mini candy bars and sugared cereal.


Here at InMobi, we love the grind…the coffee grind, that is! The espresso machine has a magical power. You press what sort of drink you want—Americano, latte, mocha, cappuccino—and siss boom steam, a caffeinated dream in your colored ceramic coffee cup.


Did we mention the Keggerator? It’s a welcome kitchen friend during hours of happy revelry. Right now it’s serving up Brew Free or Die IPA from the nearby 21stAmendment Brewery.

Playtime is for Adults

What would a solid upstart office be without some fun toys to let the eyes wander away from code lines for a bit or break from the build-up of constant change?


The recreation room is like that basement you hung out in in college. There’s Mario Kart zooming on the Wii, a broken-in billiards table, a dart board and one of those rolling balance boards that no one can really stand on for too long.


Go beyond the games and InMobi is insistent in injecting awesome into work-related events. For example, the Q3 kickoff concluded with a crazy Go Game scavenger hunt around the neighborhood. The Q4 kickoff bussed the North America team (and plus ones) out to Ocean Beach for a Park Chalet soiree. We took to the baseball stands in the summer and Halloween went down with a not so spooky costume and décor contest!


Go even further and take it out of the office. From Advertising Week in New York City to Cannes in France to GMIC back in our home city of San Francisco, InMobi offers this unequivocal opportunity for travel. We have a knack for throwing closing parties, evening cocktail hours and delicious dinners for our partners, clients and friends. We never met an after party photo booth we didn’t like.


One of the newest additions to the SF InMobi office came wagging it’s tail to the beat of four feet. Employees can now bring their furry friends to the office where they certainly don’t have to beg for attention.


As the sun sets on another day in SOMA there’s a satisfactory sigh that leaves the building. It’s a deep breath of delight knowing that InMobi San Francisco is in the heart of the technology heat that is the energy of Silicon Valley.


Thanks for taking our tour and come back again soon! We would love to work with you in San Francisco or any other of our amazing offices around the world. Stay in-the-InMobi-know with us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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