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Launching InMobi Plugins for Mobile Development Platforms

Naresh Kapse
5 min read
Posted on November 19, 2013

Ever since smartphones invaded the market and our lives, mobile apps have been key to engaging its growing user-base. Subsequently, the mobile apps ecosystem is growing and evolving consistently across platforms. Every mobile app developer is primarily targeting two major platforms (Android and iOS) and spend double the time and effort to create the same app for the two platforms. Hence, there is a need to reduce the effort required to port apps across platforms and instead, channel the additional effort towards enhancing apps. Several startups have recognized this opportunity and have launched mobile development frameworks that provide APIs to code the mobile app once and deploy to multiple platforms.

There are more than a million mobile app developers who are dependent on these mobile development platforms to build mobile apps for the popular mobile operating systems (such as Android and iOS). More than 100,000 apps in the app stores have been built using these mobile development platforms.

Today, InMobi is proud to announce plugins for the Titanium, Intel XDK and Unity platforms. InMobi plugins aid developers using these platforms to intelligently monetize their user-base through the power of ad serving and analytics. Get started today by visiting the integration guides below and following the instructions to download/integrate the plugin with your app!

1. Appcelerator/Titanium (javascript) guide available here

2. Intel XDK (HTML/JavaScript) guide here

3. Unity guide here

Kindly send all your queries to developer@inmobi.com

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