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Welcome to the new InMobi.com website

Mackensie Smith
5 min read
Posted on December 19, 2013

We are ecstatic as we launch the completely new and redesigned InMobi.com website. It’s a site that explains in an attractive, responsive manner who we are and what the InMobi DNA is composed of.

What we love about good websites is all you see is the sleek, smooth, clean design of it all. We wouldn’t want you all tangled up in the creative and development blood, sweat and tears (well, not quite, but almost) that went into this sensational site. Listen to the story of coming-to-be by the brains behind this web operation.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Chris Martinez, Head of Global Marketing Communications, and Erik Smith, Lead Engineer, sat down a couple days after the glorious launch of the live site to reflect on its conception. “This new site is interesting because of the way we approached it,” Martinez said. “Instead of figuring out the mobile site after the desktop site is published, we did the opposite.”

As you can see, with its new content management system, expandable sidebar and appealing cross-platform aesthetic, the team pushed the limits of traditional web design.

“The templating techniques we utilize are far more advanced than our previous approach,” Smith said. “With all the different types of content we had to add and edit, sections of the site act as microsites or individual landing pages.” Smith also said the site is the result of the collaboration across our entire company - engineering, product management, marketing, HR and more

We started playing around with ideas in July, started building in August and launched in December.

Mobile First, Mobile Always

InMobi is, quite simply, a mobile company - chosen by MIT as one of the Top 50 Disruptive Companies of 2013. As per our DNA, the design team took this straightforward mobile-first mantra approach to the complex website. This also played well with traffic review as InMobi.com recieves a huge amount of web traffic from mobile devices.

“We focused heavily on redesigning the site so that the desktop view also evoked the essence of mobile,” said Martinez of the cross-platform similarities.

Made with Metrics in Mind

The main goal of the new site was to to improve the overall user experience while driving engagement across the site. We kept that in the forefront while examining other metrics of our own assets, like the good big data nerds that we are! We took metrics like our site bounce rates and time spent on each page and incorporated it into our design of the new site. Indicators, such as doubling current account registration numbers, will be key barometer markers in showing the success of the new site.

“We reviewed the analytics and realized the InMobi blog had the most traffic and engagement,” Smith said. “The design was to optimize for the most impact and reachability for the user.”

Language Love

InMobi is a global company. With 17 offices across 13 countries, we believe localized service and support is essential to success. The new website is built for multiple languages from the beginning and the final versions of these sites will roll out over the coming month.

Thank you for joining us on our design journey of the new site. Share with us what you love or suggest changes for the site in the comments below and on our social networks at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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