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How Is The World Cup Impacting Your App?

Tanvi Kapoor
Director - Product Marketing
5 min read
Posted on July 07, 2014

With so many matches running into overtime and nail biting finishes ending with penalty shoot outs, it is no wonder that beer vendors have made a killing this year in the Brazil World Cup fever. But so have some of the mobile app developers. And I don’t mean just the game devs who built apps to report scores or football games like Fantasy Manager Football.

There is no doubting the positive impact that a simple creative refresh can have on app install rates. Big advertising game studios like Gree have relied on this good old method for years. Keep the ad creatives fresh and CTRs and CVRs remain healthy. But there really hasn’t been anything similar on the publisher side so far - apart from changing ad placements. With the launch of frames for interstitial ad units, this has all changed. It is easy to come up with a common concept like a simple white/black/blue border, apply it for all your interstitial properties and forget about it. Put in a little creativity and keep surprising your gamers with a new frame every few days and you can change the game altogether!

At InMobi, we took it upon ourselves to be an integral part of the soccer madness. Coupled with innovative game developers on the network who are always up for something new, we launched a gallery of world cup themed frames - a new frame every day for every match that is played. Now that’s creative refresh on a daily basis - And were we surprised! By simply changing the frames, we saw CTRs and eCPMs shoot up by more than a 100%. Publishers on the InMobi network have been making double digit eCPMs on static interstitials in key geographies where the world cup themed frames have been applied. CVRs have never been better, as ad units are now getting the attention they deserve.

We can’t wait to see the effect, the finals will have! If you would like to make the most of the last week of the World Cup madness, apply our soccer frame today.

2048 has players across all age groups and geographies and nothing unites a global audience like the World Cup. We were excited to make the most of this opportunity and when InMobi approached us with World Cup themed frames, it was the perfect solution. Not only do the frames look fantastic, but they have doubled eCPMs with literally zero effort.
- Guntis Pontags, Co-Founder, Estoty

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Tanvi has been in the telecom industry for the last 6 years and is successfully using her understanding of the mobile user in the exciting mobile advertising ecosystem. In her latest role, she is responsible for dissecting the inspirations behind the user behavior on the mobile and identifying the best monetization strategies for the evolving mobile ecosystem.

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