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Apple Gains Ground While Android Pushes To 50% Share Globally On The InMobi Ad Network in Q2 2014

Shamala DN
5 min read
Posted on July 23, 2014

Today we released our Q2 2014 Network Research, which reported on the latest mobile device and OS share trends on the InMobi network.

Here are some of the global highlights:

  • Overall, the volume of impressions globally in Q2 2014 on the InMobi network was up significantly compared to the previous quarter. This growth was driven by in-app ads that contributed 62.3 percent of mobile ad impressions. apple-blog1.jpg
  • Smartphones still account for the lion’s share of impressions with 72%, up 4.2 percentage points from the previous quarter. Ad impressions from tablets accounted for almost 16% of the total platform impressions in Q2 2014.apple-blog2.jpg
  • Samsung leads the table of manufactures in terms of impressions, followed by Apple. Nokia, despite its global decline still contributes a sizeable 13% of impressions, though its share has declined by 2.2% compared to Q1 2014.apple-blog3.jpg
  • Android is the largest OS on the InMobi Ad Network (50%), growing 4.3 % from Q1 2014. Apple contributed to 30% of impressions, up marginally by 1.0% from the previous quarter.apple-blog4.jpg
  • On the handset front, Apple devices dominated in ad impression share across the globe in Q2 2014, but some Samsung mobile devices appeared to see greater engagement.

Note: The data presented in the report was sourced from the InMobi mobile advertising network for Q2 2014.

To learn more about regions/countries: Click here to download InMobi Network Research Q2 2014.

Interested in understanding more about this report and how it could impact your business? Reach out to our insights team at insights@inmobi.com

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