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How advertisers can seamlessly transition to Google AID for conversion attribution

Ramya Rajan
5 min read
Posted on July 30, 2014

As an Android advertiser, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Google’s new Advertising Identifier (AID). You might know that post August 1st, Google’s Advertising ID (AID) will be used for conversion attribution on all Android devices. Over the next month, you could expect some change in your mobile conversion numbers as advertisers and publishers will migrate to Google AID at different times. Bearing in mind these changes, here are some tips to help you wade through some of the decisions you might have to make to ensure minimal impact on your app’s performance.

Most conversion trackers and ad networks are enabling advertisers and publishers on Android to support Google AID in addition to older identifiers until August 1st. InMobi is closely monitoring Google's Policy on apps that are accessing older identifiers as well as the new Google AID. In the meanwhile, here are some recommendations on when you can upgrade your tracking implementation:

If you have already upgraded to an implementation that supports Google AID and other IDs, you’re on the right track! You should see no impact on your attribution numbers. We recommend that you wait for a month before upgrading to an implementation that supports only Google AID.

If you are yet to upgrade to an implementation that supports Google AID, your best bet is to upgrade to an implementation that supports both Google AID and older identifiers along with Google AID, and submit your app before August 1st. If that isn’t feasible, you should immediately upgrade to an implementation that supports Google AID in lieu of older identifiers. However, until publishers complete the upgrade, you might see some attribution loss.

If you have already upgraded to an implementation that supports ONLY Google AID, you’ve certainly minimised the need to upgrade and re-submit your app later. However, you can expect to see some attribution loss as publishers continue to upgrade to support Google AID. Your attribution numbers should stabilise by the end of the month.

We look forward to the move towards standardisation of identifiers, and are fully committed to ensuring a smooth transition for advertisers, publishers and conversion trackers in the attribution landscape. Watch this space for more updates!

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