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Introducing the InMobi Chameleon Award for Excellence in Native Advertising

Naveen Tewari
5 min read
Posted on October 01, 2014

This week as advertisers, agencies, and increasingly, technology providers, make New York City their home, InMobi is pleased to begin a new tradition. The InMobi Chameleon Award for excellence in native mobile advertising will be awarded for the first time today as part of the 2014 Global Smarties with the Mobile Marketing Association.

InMobi and our customers have long recognized the outsize impact that creative has in the mobile environment. While most companies were touting banner ads as the way to go for mobile devices, InMobi was investing in technology that simplifies the creation and testing of in-app and web ads for mobile. InMobi is the only major global mobile technology provider to offer in-house creative services. And we have been honored to participate with some of the most creative brands on the planet in winning previous Smarties recognition.

But even truly outstanding creative can engage consumers only as much as consumers notice and engage with that creative. This is where native advertising comes in. Since launching the Native Ads Platform in January of this year, InMobi has heard from all manner of publishers and marketers that supporting advertising that matches the form, function and content of the surrounding user experience is what will deliver mobile’s true media potential.

By recognising the outstanding contribution of an advertiser pushing the limits of native mobile advertising, InMobi challenges the entire mobile ecosystem to evolve to the point where being native is understood as the norm and all mobile advertising places user experience first.

View The Shortlist For The InMobi Chameleon Award Under Native Advertising

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