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Launching the InMobi Mobile Tracking & Attribution Partner (MTAP) Program

Arun Pattabhiraman
VP & Global Head of Marketing
5 min read
Posted on December 07, 2014

Whether you are promoting your app on paid channels to drive downloads, or running a retargeting campaign to engage with existing users, you probably understand well the importance of tracking conversions and measuring RoI for your mobile campaigns. However, mobile attribution is fraught with several challenges, including a fragmented ecosystem of device identifiers across platforms and operating systems, poor quality of identifiers leading to inaccurate attributions, and a constantly evolving tracking technology that necessitates working with a robust and agile tracking partner.

Which is why we decided to handpick the best players in this space and build deep technical partnerships with each of them that allows us to extend our robust targeting and optimization capabilities to advertisers working with any of them.

Today, we are happy to announce the launch of our Mobile Tracking & Attribution Partner (MTAP) Program, which is a partnership between InMobi and carefully selected independent mobile attribution platforms to provide advertisers the best-in-class solutions for independent, secure and accurate attribution.

InMobi Certified MTAPs

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 2.32.31 pm.png

Why work with one of our MTAPs?

1.Independent attribution:

When it comes to attribution, we understand that trust is of paramount importance and working with one of our MTAPs who offer unbiased and accurate attribution, ensures just that.

2.Enhanced reliability & accuracy

Certified through our deep technical integrations, our partners ensure high levels of accuracy and reliability in attribution.

3.Improved user experience and advanced features

Our partners leverage our advanced technology to improve post-click user experience. Advertisers working with our partners can now also access InMobi's advanced targeting features such as retargeting & negative targeting in a seamless manner.

4.Seamless post-click tracking & LTV optimization

Through our deep integrations, we are now set up to receive post-click user engagement information from our MTAPs in a seamless manner, allowing us to optimize your performance advertising campaigns to deliver users with high Lifetime Value (LTV).

5.Easy troubleshooting

Our integrations with the MTAPs enable fast troubleshooting and conversion discrepancy resolution for advertisers.

To learn more about this program and our partners, visit www.inmobi.com/mtap

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