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The Year That Was @InMobi - Fast, Furious & Fun!

Piyush Shah
Chief Product Officer
5 min read
Posted on January 01, 2015

Phew! Another crazy year for us at InMobi just went by. It’s been 5 such crazy years since I joined this place, and while I have donned several roles in the past here, I must confess that steering the product ship has been the most challenging yet rewarding stint so far.

The mobile advertising space continues to evolve at breakneck speed and demands agility, adeptness and endurance all at once -- not just to survive the pace of changes, but also to lead them from the front. Thankfully, these are the very strengths that form the core of every InMobian’s DNA and allow us to shape the course of the mobile ecosystem as an independent voice of authority. In short, building products at InMobi is like running a marathon at the speed of a sprint!

In 2014, InMobi consolidated its position as an undoubted product & technology thought leader in mobile advertising. Our focus has been to provide the most meaningful & compelling user experiences on mobile - through a powerful combination of Yin (Art) (showing ads that consumers love) and Yang(Science) (making it relevant by leveraging our deep user understanding for powerful targeting & optimization).

Proud to share a quick summary of the kick-ass products we rolled out in 2014 for app developers and brand/agency clients:

2014 - For global app developers (across UA and Monetization)

2014 - For our brand & agency clients

  • Jan 2014: Launched an interactive Video Ads Platform to enable emotive story-telling for brand advertisers, replete with 4 different formats -interactive canvas, smart ads, video continuum and form capture.
  • Aug 2014 : Announced our partnership with Factual to provide geo-derived audience targeting capability to InMobi’s brand advertisers.
  • Oct 2014 : In a first-of-its-kind move, we took the bold step of offering Guaranteed Outcomes to ensure brands meet their KPIs with each and every ad impression.
  • Oct 2014 : InMobi partnered with geo-location technology provider Digital Element, to leverage “accurate and hyperlocal” IP geo-location data for enhanced ad targeting.
  • Nov 2014 : We launched the InMobi Audience Platform for advertisers in Australia to tap into mobile audience data to enable them to optimise budgets more efficiently and gain deeper insights to their target audience whilst minimising wastage.
  • Dec 2014 : Opened up InMobi audience personas on the InMobi exchange, allowing programmatic buyers to buy audience segments constructed using 120 user signals from the more than 1 trillion consumer interactions collected through the InMobi SDK.

Needless to say, it has been an exhausting year but we feel damn proud of what we’ve achieved. As we retire into the eve of the new year, my team & I are proud and confident that we will continue to make giant strides towards our destiny and go after bigger, hairier and even more audacious goals in 2015. Watch this space !!

Wishing everyone a wonderful & prosperous new year!

About the Author

Piyush Shah is InMobi's Chief Product Officer responsible for the overall vision, strategy and direction for the InMobi product portfolio. Previously he was InMobi’s VP and GM for Performance Advertising and Developer Platforms.

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