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InMobi Insights: Brands on Mobile Advertising Trends

Shamala DN
5 min read
Posted on April 23, 2015

The research team at InMobi is excited to release their latest research report, Brands on Mobile: Advertising Trends.

With mobile being accepted as the definitive medium to access consumers’ minds and wallets, Brands have begun a multi-million dollar spending race to allure and retain customers.

But what benchmarks should Brands look at to determine mobile ad spend? Which ad formats work best for different verticals? Should Brands concentrate more on tablets?

In Brands on Mobile: Advertising Trends, we provide Brands and agencies with insights and guidance on how best to use mobile as an advertising medium.

This report features global and regional data from the InMobi Ad Network in 2014.

Here are some key findings from the report:

  • Top Spenders On Mobile
    • Entertainment was the top vertical, followed by CPG and Telecom.
    • Food & Drink, Social Media, Retail, Technology, Telecom, and Travel were the fastest growing verticals.
  • Top Verticals by Effectiveness
    • The Travel, Social Media, and Retail verticals led the way with the highest CTRs (Click Through Rates).
  • Trending Creative Formats
    • Video, Native, and Rich media creative ad units showed a phenomenal rise in engagement.
    • Native ads registered the highest CTRs in Health & Fitness, Finance, Social Media, Apparel & Fashion, and Travel.
  • Consumer Engagement By Time, Day, and Content
    • Engagements peak on Friday evening and weekends across verticals.
    • Engagements are high in the morning, likely during commute hours; and remain low in the afternoon before peaking in the evening.
    • Consumers engage with ads on mobile more when they are playing games, are on social media, or consuming content related to Entertainment and Food & Drink.

To learn more about the above study, Download the Brands on Mobile: Advertising Trends report and infographic 1 and infographic 2.

If you’d like to learn more about the data and how it could impact your business, please reach out to our marketing team at insights@inmobi.com.

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