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A Love Hate Relationship with Adtech

Bob Bahramipour
Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, InMobi
5 min read
Posted on June 25, 2015

It’s not personal, or maybe it is.

I’ve spent more than a decade in digital media. I’ve met amazing colleagues, made dear friends, and am proud of what the industry has built.

It’s more because of what’s been happening.

Collectively ad technology companies are way below their IPO prices. [High five to Criteo as the standout]

Much of it is deserved.

Noise is drowning out substance; just look at a Lumascape. Middlemen models offer no durable footing. And even many very innovative players have found that tying up is safer than independence.

Now, what if someone was trying to build a company that redefined the very term ‘ad tech’?

I recently joined InMobi, as SVP of Global Business Development; I believe this company is doing just that; redefining the ad tech space.

InMobi is one of the few that is willing to take sides. And it’s not about advertisers vs. publishers - we are siding with users.

Make users happy and everything else falls into place, a forgotten philosophy.

You’ll hear more about this in the coming weeks and months.

In the meantime, I’m back in love with what I hate. I can’t help it.

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