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The Future of Brand Marketing = In-App Mobile Video

Anne Frisbie
5 min read
Posted on October 23, 2015

In-App mobile video streaming is exploding as highlighted in the latest App Annie Q2 2015 Index report. According to comScore, over 87% of mobile media consumption takes place now in-app, as well as a majority of all digital time spent. In terms of view specifically, nearly half of mobile video viewers can only (or mostly only) be reached in-app, according to the IAB. And, the most recent cross media marketing mix study from MMA with Coca-Cola, Walmart & Mastercard showed that mobile video can outperform cable television.

Learn all about in-app mobile video in terms of how it differs from desktop video experiences, how vertical video represents a huge advance towards mobile-first video, where MRC in-app guidelines for viewability are today, and what is possible through interactive rich video capabilities.

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