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    Posted on March 07, 2016

    We spoke to a few InMobians about their experience as a woman at InMobi. These are their stories. This is #SheAtInMobi.

    Shyni Kuttapa

    “I joined InMobi in 2011 but had to take a career break after two years since I was entering into this beautiful phase of motherhood. Being at InMobi as an expectant mother was so easy because of the flexible work timings and an awesome team who supported me always ...As a result my last day of working happened to be just a day prior to my baby's arrival.

    The moment I held my little one in my arms, she became my utmost priority and my eagerness to join back work after maternity leave, flew out of the window. I ended up being a stay at home mum until she was 2.

    Thinking of getting back to work after a career break of two years seems like a nightmare! All of a sudden you feel archaic. It seems tough, but the toughest challenge you face is to build up your confidence to apply for a new job. So one day I was sitting and contemplating on whether I should take up a new job, or start something of my own, and I received an interview call from InMobi! They said that I had taken a long enough break and now it was time for me to get back to work.

    It was so uplifting to receive a call from the company you previously worked for. I cannot express how motivated I felt in that moment. It was a proof of them believing in my work and cherishing me as a part of the InMobi family. It was very empowering!

    So here I am at InMobi for the past one year, learning some valuable ways to juggle parenting and work. And it’s all possible with ease just because I am an InMobian. The flexible work hours, work from home option, and also bringing my child to work helps me manage my both worlds of being a wife and a mother and also a successful career woman easily.

    And that has made me an InMobian for Life!”

    Ankita Mawandia

    “When I first joined InMobi as a fresher, I was so marveled with work culture and outstanding people around. Almost two years later I had to quit as I was relocating to Mumbai after marriage. While I was parting from InMobi, series of incidents took place which increased my respect for InMobi. First incident was about appraisals. It was the appraisal time and my then manager knew the fact that I was leaving. In spite of that he made sure that my work was accounted for and I was promoted. It was only a month before I left. The second incident that moved me was when Mohit, the co-founder and CTO of InMobi asked me personally if I would like to continue working from Mumbai. Both the incidents made me feel that my smallest contributions were valued. Almost 5 month later I decided to work again, and InMobi had to be my first choice. The entire process was smooth and quick. I was welcomed as if I had never left. When I tell people around me that I work remotely from Mumbai and my entire team sits in Bangalore they get amazed, and I just feel proud to be part of such an organization. The confidence that InMobi has always shown in me is the biggest motivation. I feel great with my team. I am happy that I started my career here and happier that I continued it with InMobi.”

    Ruchi Singh Thomas

    “I joined InMobi as an employee back in 2010, when the company was much smaller! The journey with InMobi over the past six years has been an incredible one, and I have seen the company go from strength to strength. I sincerely believe that the secret to InMobi’s phenomenal success has been its almost fanatical belief in its employees: and more specifically, the belief that each employee, irrespective of gender, race, country, religion, age, is the soul of the company. This belief that InMobi has in each of us gives you that confidence boost which makes you grow not just as a professional, but as an individual. When I decided to start my own venture, in 2014, though they wanted me to stay on, InMobi was extremely encouraging and optimistic about my decision. A year later, I realized that I was a better fit back here, at InMobi - this crazy company that is disrupting the tech ecosystem, welcomed me back with open arms. The decision to come back to InMobi was easy, because of three things: (1) the eccentric disruptive thought process on which the company thrives; (2) the phenomenal work culture; and (3) The opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in this country. InMobi is not just any company... InMobi for me is home.”

    Sunita Devi

    “I am so blessed to be a part of InMobi family - the workplace that empowers every woman to think about their future development in the organisation even during maternity. As per the standard policy, I had 84 days of maternity leave and I was always worried thinking of how I would be able to leave my 3 month old at home and work. By the end of my 2nd month of maternity leave, I had made up my mind to take sabbatical leave or quit if required, as the heart of a mother was overpowering the passion of a career woman. Then a miracle took place! I got a mail from our HR that the company has revised its maternity policy. I can't express in words how empowered I felt. I am a modern woman with a heart of a mother and this news gave me a ray of hope. The new policy gave me 4 months of maternity leave plus 1 month half day working at office and 1 month half day at office and the rest of the day from home. And I also got one month leave approved! Hence, my baby was 7 months old when I started working full day at office. I benefit from support system like flexi hours, work from home, bringing your kid to office and 'enjoy freedom with responsibility and integrity" one of InMobi’s integral values."

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