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Remarketing - How India Buys on Mobile

Posted on July 04, 2016
By Team InMobi

Reaching more than a billion mobile users across the globe, InMobi has a unique window into user behavior. Delving into how people shop on their mobile phones in India, the insights found are truly revealing.

The data helps us understand when Indian’s like to shop, what their mobile shopping journey looks like and how they make purchasing decisions. We discover two crucial insights for retailers,

  • Seeing is Buying - shoppers are more likely to buy if they see things they like. It makes common sense. So the more a retailer can help their users discover relevant products, the more likely they are to go on to purchase them.
  • Remarketing wins shoppers back - retargeting shoppers who signaled their interest but then abandoned their carts or got distracted helps bring them back into the purchase journey and translates to higher sales.

Here’s how the story unfolds:

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