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​The 6 Ultimate Pro-tips to Master Rewarded Video - Part 2/2

Irene Herranz
Head of Global Developer Marketing
5 min read
Posted on September 20, 2016

This piece is the second and final part of the blog post series around rewarded video pro-tips for game developers. Here is the first part - The 6 Ultimate Pro-tips to Master Rewarded Video - Part 1/2 , in case you missed it.

In the following sections we’ll introduce three additional tips to help gaming publishers ride the rewarded video monster wave like a pro monetization surfer:

4. Keep a close eye on the rewarded video results for diminishing effectiveness

Rewarded video offers great returns in the first views but it’s generally the case that, after a certain number of videos shown, the impressions become less valuable. Pay attention to your game analytics to track performance, including CTR and CPI to crack early on the engagement patterns of your audience. Such data will give you insight to naturally frequency cap the videos, ensuring the reward doesn't become saturated (for example, only offer 3-5/day). You should be able to split the daily number of videos shown between a wide range of users, over bombarding a reduced group in hopes of never-ending engagement. This would hurt retention and eventually will downsize your revenue generation potential.

5. Offer rewarded video often and in different placements

To ensure you are maximizing the number of ads per player per day, be sure to implement reward ads across different ad placements in your game. From our experience, a fantastic combination that makes the most of the natural breaks of the gameplay is the following combo: main screen, storefront and in between levels or at the end of a gameplay.

Another great best practice is to highlight the reward as part of the game tutorial. This way users are empowered with neat goodies as a welcome pack and you’ll make them clear they can leverage rewarded video to supercharge their gaming experience.

Finally, you can incorporate rewarded video to your re-engagement strategy by offering a special reward via daily push notifications to lure your users back into your app, game on!

6. Explain clearly the options and rewards available to your players

Rewarded video is all about crafting with finesse a strategy to incentivize your users and drive immediate action. Going back to the basics, you’ll need to educate your users and guide them in a transparent and truthful manner so they know at all times what to expect when deciding (or not) to interact with your rewarded video.

In practice, all goes down to crafting a nice and sweet message that lists all options available to your players. Some great real examples taken from of stellar InMobi gaming partners are:

  • Trivia Crack : A full screen packed with options: You ran out of lives! Choose your pack or get free lives: Watch the video or Ask your friends (via Facebook Connect).
  • Subway Surfers : Dedicated menu section “Earn Coins”: Sponsored video - Watch to get a reward along with an icon of a Mystery Box o Two keys (two extra lives, but for the first video of the day!).
  • Color Switch : Visual and minimalistic approach in the home page: Just a nice and simple animated button featuring an intuitive video icon that reads +30 (extra points awarded).

A. Trivia Crack

B. Subway Surfers

C. Color Switch

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