InMobi Rewarded Videos: Find Out How Leading Advertisers Are Maximizing Performance

Posted on December 16, 2016
By Rajesh Pantina, Marketing Manager, IndiaMarketing Manager, India

1. Tell a story - Draw users into your world

Reaching beyond the surface, marketers can leverage this distinctly active audio-visual medium to tell their stories and value propositions in a clear and understandable manner.

Advertiser Name - OLX: Buy and Sell near you

Developer - OLX B.V.

2. Strike the right balance between User experience and storytelling - keep the length between 15-30s

While rewarded videos intuitively seem to guarantee high completion rates, 30s is the ‘tipping point’ for videos to lose impact and pass into nothingness.

Advertiser Name - 1010!

Developer - GramGames

3. Engage the right audience - reach highly involved users

A user is a 40% more likely to stick around when downloading an app after seeing a video ad than if they downloaded the game after seeing a non-video format ad. By incentivising for the view and not the click, rewarded videos naturally glean the high-quality users from the rest.

Advertiser Name - Talking Tom

Developer - Outfit7

4. Capture user intent - use end cards effectively to drive user action

A clear call to action and important meta-data such as app rating, the number of downloads and publisher name are vital for driving user decisions.

Advertiser Name - Township

Developer - Playrix