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Event Diary - Cypher 2017: Breakthrough Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence in AdTech

Avinash Patchava
5 min read
Posted on September 28, 2017

InMobi regularly participates in and contributes to a series of events, meetups, webinars, sharing best practices with partners and thought leaders, across the globe. In this edition of the InMobi Event Diary, we are looking at the highlights and developments from “Cypher 2017” an event organized by Analytics India Magazine in Bangalore, India

InMobi was excited to attend the Cypher Analytics 2017 conference in Bangalore. There has been a visibly growing data science and machine learning ecosystem in Bangalore, which Analytics India Magazine and the Cypher conference have played an important role in developing. We wanted to share our personal stories and perspectives on the future of this thrilling frontier.

Rajiv Bhat, SVP, Data science, InMobi and myself, Avi Patchava - leading InMobi’s Data Science and AI strategy based here in Bangalore, spoke on the future of Artificial Intelligence and AdTech.

Cypher 2017.jpg

Our belief is that AdTech - which has already been playing a major role in the development of artificial intelligence technologies driven by major tech giants - has growing potential to catalyze the growth of AI systems. This is primarily due to five reasons:

  1. The growing volume of data with more and more connected smartphones globally, and the consequent diversity of data fields;
  2. The large and capable engineering teams already present in AdTech - highly critical for operationalising AI systems to be productive;
  3. Ability to attract top data science talent;
  4. Ability to run rapid test-learn experiments in a fast-paced environment - mobile ads are displayed every second of the day across the globe;
  5. The business necessity - algorithmic breakthroughs hit the bottom line immediately, and the business knows this. This is no sideshow for the sector.

To bring this to life, we shared a few examples that constantly pique our own interest:

  1. The Ad fraud arms-race, with improved attribution of genuine Ad impact, eventually tracing offline as well as digital paths to conversion;
  2. New age audience targeting searching for transient personas - likely many per individual!;
  3. Solving for relevance of a consumer giving better understanding of context - ideally, the ad should never be an annoyance;
  4. The selection of ad creatives by predicting effectiveness, and eventually customer ad creative development directly by the machine.

Heading into 2018, InMobi is positive about welcoming the next wave of data science and analytics in the ad tech world. The innovations and opportunities at InMobi, only continue to bubble our energy.

We are growing our data science and machine learning team in Bangalore, at all levels of experience. We are looking for a passion to learn about the world from data; and an appetite to learn new tools. We are open to diverse academic backgrounds, providing an intent to think and problem-solve like a data scientist.If you are interested, connect with avi@inmobi.com.

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