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When FastFilmz met InMobi: The exciting video partnership story

Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on October 11, 2017

InMobi, a global mobile advertising platform, and FastFilmz, India’s first regional movie video app, have come together for an exclusive ad monetization partnership. FastFilmz, India’s first regional movie video app, enables advertisers to reach their audience through the use of immersive pre-roll video ads. With their superlative video-streaming technology, advertisers can now reach highly engaged, smartphone users across India.

In this video series, Karam Malhotra, Co-CEO and Founder of Fastfilmz talks about their OTT platform, the potential offered by the app and the value FastFilmz finds in partnering with InMobi.

Episode 1: Riding the InMobi Wave

Listen to Karam Malhotra share the top reasons for choosing InMobi as FastFilmz’ exclusive monetization partner

Episode 2: Netflix of the South

InMobi is glad to partner with FastFilmz, India’s first regional movie video app

Episode 3: The Holy Trifecta: Advertisers, Mobile, South Indian Audiences

Find out about the unique opportunities the FastFilmz-InMobi partnership offers to advertisers.

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