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Mastering Mobile Creative: Unraveling the secret behind award winning campaigns - Technology

Sreeshna Sreekishan
Marketing Manager
5 min read
Posted on January 08, 2018

As the new year begins, marketers are not only reviewing the effectiveness of the campaigns they created in the past year, they are also building their strategies for 2018.

With mobile accounting for the second largest spend across ad channels, it is vital to consider the crucial role it can play in a campaign. In this 3 part blog series, we discuss how marketers can make the most of this pervasive medium in the new year.

Make the most of mobile first features and technologies.

As the capabilities of mobile continue to advance, it is important that marketers make most of these features. Be it through the use of Augmented Reality, Vertical Video or Gyroscopic Technologies, mobile enables marketers to reach audiences in an exciting and brand new manner.

By leveraging the extensive features mobile has to offer, a marketer can effectively break away from the clutter and ensure that their campaign outperforms pre-set key performance indicators.

Below are two examples of award-winning campaigns which made the effective use of mobile first features.

Coke Break

  1. APAC Smarties: Bronze, Native.

Coke desired to differentiate themselves in the overcrowded teas and juice-based drinks market in Cambodia.Through the use bespoke targetting capabilities, Coke reached the youth at “slump times” - times when people were tired and low on energy. They reached audiences near universities, offices and cafes with an innovative ad unit that simulated a video call from a popular youth icon, who nudged users to take a break and get refreshed with a Coke. Thus through the innovative use of mobile, Coke was able to connect with their intended target audience in a brand new way.

Lipton Fitcart:

  1. EMEA Smarties: Silver, Internet of Things.
  2. MENA Smarties: Gold, Cross Media.
  3. MENA Smarties: Gold, Innovation.
  4. MENA Smarties: Gold, Internet of Things.


Lipton, the iconic tea brand, introduced “Fit Carts” at leading supermarkets to raise brand awareness for its green tea. Lipton, partnered with InMobi to leverage the powerful medium of mobile to reach their intended audience anytime, anywhere.

The rich media creative was one amongst the first mobile ad units to devise a scientific formula to calculate the number of steps based on the average calories burnt per step in real-time. By leveraging this specially designed formula, Lipton was able to fully exploit the power of mobile, bring the virtual Fitcart to the palms of the users, and successfully convey its message that each step matters in one’s journey of healthy living through the compelling use of technology.

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