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16 Mediation Questions You Need to Answer

Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on May 15, 2018

So you’ve been monetizing your mobile app for a while now and you heard about this thing called "mobile ad mediation." After doing some light digging on Google, you begin to realize that you’re missing out on opportunities to significantly increase your mobile advertising revenue and start to wonder what it’s going to take to get started with a mediation platform. Where do you even begin?

But first, let’s be sure you have a clear understanding of mediation.

What is mobile ad mediation?

We define mobile ad mediation as: “A mediation platform allows app owners to connect, manage and optimize multiple ad networks from a central location through one integration to their app.”

Sounds simple, right? That’s because (shameless plug) with our platform, it is. All you need to do is add your app to our platform, select which of the 44+ networks you want to be integrated to your app, and download a pre-packaged integration kit. From there, you’ll be backed with world-class support and documentation (something the other guys don’t offer) and be on your way to more revenue.

But, that’s enough about us.

Here is a list of 16 mediation questions you need to answer before getting started.

  1. What partners are available?
  2. Can we control our waterfall/auction?
  3. Do I have to maintain a waterfall?
  4. How does the integration process work?
  5. Do you maintain the integration for each partner or do you update adapter or integrations each time an ad network updates their SDK?
  6. Do your partners offer all the ad formats and geographies?
  7. Will adding mediation partners increase the size of my apps?
  8. Does adding more partners increase latency in my apps?
  9. What differentiates this platform from other mediation platforms available?
  10. How does payment work for all the partners I work with?
  11. How many partners should I work with?
  12. Do you offer managed mediation services?
  13. Do I have to update CPMs frequently (similar to other mediation platforms)?
  14. Which networks are good for my geographies and ad formats? Which are performance vs. brand ads?
  15. Do S2S connections work with Mobile Web and Desktop?
  16. Is your mediation platform for in-app only?

Do you know the answers to all of these questions? No worries if the answer is no - if you’re in that camp, you’re not alone. There’s a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to mediation and what it takes to get started.

Don’t start your mediation journey alone. Contact one of our mediation experts today to learn more about its capabilities and to have all of your questions answers.

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