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Making the Most of a Mobile Ramadan in Indonesia

Rosmin Varghese
5 min read
Posted on April 01, 2019

Every year approximately 2 billion Muslims across the globe observe the holy month of Ramadan as a commemoration of their beliefs [1]. Indonesia, a predominantly Islamic country, is no exception. Indonesia is home to the largest Islamic population in the world, with 87.2% of people identifying as Muslims[2].

During this period, in addition to fasting daily from dawn to dusk and attaining spiritual awareness, Indonesians look forward to travelling back home to their families, shopping for themselves and exchanging gifts. Consequently, while Ramadan is a joyful celebration among Indonesians, it is also one of the largest shopping events on the retail calendar. Consumer patterns change, demand is at an all-time high and shopping budgets soar across households.

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Mobile is the Constant Companion

In Q2, 2018, business activities in Indonesia grew 20.2%, triggered by Ramadan and the long Idul Fitri holiday [3]. Indonesia is projected to have over 56 million digital buyers in 2019, a 23% increase from 2018[4]. Additionally, with almost 100 million smartphone users as of 2019[5] and the country spending more time on mobile than ever before, it is of little surprise that the Indonesian consumer will be increasingly using mobile as the primary device for shopping during the Ramadan season. Mobile is the companion during Ramadan, with Indonesians turning to their mobile during Ramadan than any other part of the year.

How can a marketer maximise impact?

In light of this tremendous shopping event - which we can safely call a Mobile Ramadan - what does the marketer have to gain? What are the best practices that the marketer can adopt to make the most of this opportunity? How do different segments of Indonesian shoppers behave during this festive season?

In order to better understand shopping behaviour during Ramadan and empower advertisers to succeed in their pursuit of a high sales momentum, we at InMobi conducted a detailed Pulse Survey and coupled it with rich network insights among our high impact audiences. To learn more about the Ramadan shopper and on how marketers can monetize with this opportunity, download the full report now!

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