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What You Need to Know about Header Bidding and Mediation [EBOOK]

Matt Kaplan
Content Strategist
5 min read
Posted on May 09, 2018

The mobile ad space moves quickly. Terms and technologies like header bidding go from being basically nonexistent to being hot search terms in no time. Improved strategies and tactics take root. Apps that don’t stay on top of the latest and greatest in monetization may see advertisers leave and revenues fall off.

As the app monetization space matures, it pays to know about the latest and greatest. To help you understand the core terms and technologies, we’ve created Everything You Need to Know About Header Bidding and Mediation: Separating Fact from Fiction. This handy guide will walk you through everything you need to know about mediation, waterfalls, header bidding and unified auctions, including what in-app header bidding is and why you should know about it.

Be sure to download the “Everything You Need to Know About Header Bidding: Separating Fact from Fiction” ebook today!

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