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InMobi Ranked #1 in the MMA Smarties Business Impact Index

Team InMobi
5 min read
Posted on September 22, 2022

The changes in the Marketing industry and the hyper-growth of connected consumers have forged brands to take newer measures to meet consumer needs. Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) recognizes the marketers that have aced the game with innovation and technology. With over 800 member companies collaborating globally across 15 regional offices, the MMA is the only marketing trade association that brings together the full ecosystem of marketing, technology, and media companies working cohesively to architect the future of marketing while relentlessly delivering growth today.  

The MMA Smarties Business Impact Index (BII) is the first and only global modern marketing index that identifies, ranks, and awards top agencies, advertisers, brands, and technology platforms driving significant business impact. Its proprietary methodology developed in collaboration with WARC, the global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, recognizes the best-of-the-best from the ecosystem. InMobi, with its unprecedented contribution as a global technology platform, has been ranked #1 by BII 2021, and this blog gives a quick preview of the winners of BII 2021 and pays tribute to them, revering them for their esteemed contribution.

Acing the MMA Business Impact Index

InMobi is ranked #1 for its exemplary work done to help brands achieve their full-funnel marketing goals in 2021. The business impact that each contender brought to the table was weighed against the following indicators: 

  1. Awards each contender won at Smarties 2021 India 
  2. The grade (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and categories of awards they won (in terms of numbers and diversity) 
  3. The subsequent competition, they gave the winners as awards finalists

What makes this win interesting is the tough competition we faced; InMobi outperformed global powerhouse brands and the toughest contenders with an unbeatable 123.2 points to reign as the best-of-the-best for the year 2021.


Winning with brands that made a difference 

As we discuss the awards, bringing forth the award-winning work that scaled InMobi to reach the #1 rank is imperative. 2021 Smarties has seen inspiring and admiration-worthy success stories across the APAC region. InMobi has driven significant impact across legacy brands such as Godrej Consumer Products, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, and The Coca-Cola Company to new-age brands such as Kia Motors, Gradeup, and MFine. Here’s the brief list of awards these brands won and the categories they made a huge difference to. These successes helped InMobi strike hard at Smarties 2021, winning 6 Bronze, 6 Silver awards, and 1 Gold award.


To learn more about these great campaigns, visit our Case Studies page. As we continue to embark on the journey of creating more brand successes in the BII 2022, learn the difference these awards are creating across the industry from the MMA Smarties Business Impact Index page.

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