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3 Tips for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta
5 min read
Posted on September 27, 2011
3 Tips for Successful Mobile Ad Campaigns

If you're new to advertising with InMobi, these tips from our campaign team, will help improve your campaign performance and prevent your from making costly mistakes. Start With Handset Targeting InMobi's handset targeting is the best place to start with, when considering how to set up your campaign. Targeting users of every handset is costly and unnecessary. Think first about what type of audience you want to target and what devices they are using, For example, if you're targeting a premium audience, iPhone and iPad devices will work well for your campaign. If you're targeting a more general audience, consider targeting lower-end devices.

Consider Targeting Specific Carriers

Select carriers that fit the size and type of target audience you'd like to reach. Besides the large national operators, there are lots of smaller, regional operators who cater to specific market segments. With a large operator, you will get more impressions and the more premium the operator's profile, the more premium the audience but you also face more competition and higher prices.

Segment Your Campaigns With Ad Groups

We often see accounts target all of their customers with one ad group. This is a big mistake, because all customers aren't like. It makes sense to treat different customers differently. By segmenting your campaign with multiple ad-groups and optimizing each one separately, it's possible to dramatically improve the performance of your campaigns. Here's an example. Before we optimized the account, there was a single campaign with a single creative.

The problem with this set up? This single campaign targets multiple operators, devices, etc. Customers on each operator are different; therefore it makes sense to track them differently, which is what we did.

Our solution? We segmented out each operator. We also created multiple ad-groups for each operator targeting a specific set of devices. We now can see the differences in customers across the various operators. We found that operator 1 has a higher click-throughs and better ROI) than operator 3. With the previous set up, we'd just have seen the average of operators 1, 2 and 3 and wouldn't be able to spot the better ones. This new campaign segmentation saw a 50 to 100% improvement in click-throughs with this new set up. While it takes some effort to set up, we recommend you keep your campaigns as granular as possible. This allows you to monitor the differences between the campaigns and optimize your spend which will greatly improve ROI.

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