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An Undiscovered Opportunity - Premium Android Tablets

Aksha Kini
Aksha Kini
5 min read
Posted on July 10, 2013
An Undiscovered Opportunity - Premium Android Tablets

Despite the fact that Microsoft introduced tablets to the world, Apple popularized them with the iPad. But, the tablet revolution that Apple started in 2010, is only just beginning. The new Android tablets are posing a threat to Apple's monopoly, possibly starting a revolution of their own. In less than three years of their launch, Android Tablets have overtaken the market leader, Apple, with a share of 56.5% of the overall tablet market, leaving the iPad with just a 36.5% share.

Among these Android tablets, a subset called Android Premium has the highest possible potential and holds the key to success. The exponential growth of these devices has opened a new monetization opportunity for advertisers and publishers alike. At InMobi, we have recognized this as the Premium Android Tablet Opportunity, which we believe can unlock significant revenue potential if included in your app marketing strategy.

So, what are Premium Android Tablets?

These are the highest quality Android-based tablets currently available in the market. Affordable, and yet high on quality, these new age tablets are becoming more common among consumers. The two main characteristics that define a Premium Android tablet are:1.

1. High Definition Display and Powerful Processors:

With Googles Nexus 10 offering the worlds best tablet display, the Premium Android tablet fraternity packs amazing display capabilities with ultra-powerful processors into a screen that offers enormous real estate.

2. Android 4.0+:

True interactivity is about encouraging communication, and these Premium Android Tablets - running on Android 4.0+ and higher - deliver that and more. The tablet optimized interface offered by Android versions allows users to engage deeply with these devices and provides a high-end gaming and entertainment experience like never before.

Figure 2 shows the Premium Android tablet devices that InMobi plans to target:

Why is this the right time to double down on Premium Android Tablets?

1. Exploding inventory:

Premium Android tablets accounted for 40% of the overall Android tablet shipments in Q1 13. This represents one of the fastest growing segments on the InMobi network - commanding more than 50% of all tablet traffic globally. With more than 1 billion ad requests per month on Premium Android tablets alone, these tablets can help acquire quality users at scale.

2. Higher revenue generation:

The world of apps is expanding and Google Play is making it accessible to its users. Premium Android Tablets and the Play Store growth revolution go hand in hand. These tablets were a key component of the 700% upward clip in Play Store revenues during 2012. Nearly 40% of the Google Play growth was just from Android Premium devices.

3. Users more inclined towards making a purchase:

With Google Play subscriptions enabling quick and easy purchases, there is a rapid shift of users towards in-app payments. Users of these devices are inclined to spend as indicated by a 50% higher frequency of in-app transactions, thus maximizing an advertisers ROI. So now you know the secret to maximizing your ROI on Android tablets. This small subset of Android devices makes it worthwhile for developers to invest in an ad network to acquire quality users and build applications for Android tablets. *http://www.macrumors.com/2013/03/12/idc-predicts-android-tablet-shipments-will-overtake-ipad-shipments-in-2013/ ** http://www.tech-thoughts.net/2013/02/android-tablets-overtake-ipad-market-share.html - .UduKaz6sgXw

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