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Announcing A Global View of Mobile Advertising: July 2010 Report

James Lamberti
James Lamberti
5 min read
Posted on September 14, 2010
Announcing A Global View of Mobile Advertising: July 2010 Report

Hello World. Today is the inaugural release of InMob's quarterly research report, A Global View of Mobile Advertising, providing researchers, analysts, and media planners with an in depth look at mobile advertising from around the globe. You can download this six region, 14 country report at www.inmobi.com/research. We will provide additional analysis and commentary via YouTube and Twitter frequently, so keep an eye out for more. For example, here is a breakdown of global OS share.


Top manufacturers based on ad impressions.


Device OS share by region.

inmobi_network_data_page10 Collaboration is a major emphasis of this effort. For the inaugural report, eight executives from the InMobi team were interviewed to provide regional insights into mobile advertising. Through our open collaboration efforts, we want to increase both the number and representation of industry spokespeople contributing. Please contact us at research@inmobi.com for full partner access and to participate in the discussion. inmobi_network_data_page15

This is one of two major research reports coming from InMobi. Our next research report is global survey of 20,000 consumers, conducted on mobile devices in 14 different countries. This report contains a full analysis and reveals in depth their perspective on mobile advertising. inmobi_network_data_page6

If you have additional questions, email us at: research@inmobi.com

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