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InMobi Announces New Features for Advertisers

Sridhar Ranganathan
Sridhar Ranganathan
5 min read
Posted on October 05, 2010
InMobi Announces New Features for Advertisers

Helping advertisers achieve their goals is at the heart of what we do at InMobi. With that in mind, we assembled a team of some of our best people several months ago. This team was asked to dive deep into the advertiser experience, understand their needs and put together a program that would directly address advertisers. During the research phase it quickly became apparent that big changes in our product were necessary. For example our campaign management system didn't properly address the needs of advertisers. While advertisers found work-arounds to fill their needs, this was not the ideal user experience. It was with this understanding that we approached this product upgrade. We spent hours conducting data analysis and doing user testing. Going back and forth, making improvements, trying to really build something that addressed a diverse array of markets and customers with varying and at times even conflicting goals. Now those efforts have come to fruition. We are excited to announce the release of a host of new features, which will vastly improve the advertiser experience, making it more efficient, effective and easier to use. New product features for advertisers include:

  • Manage all your campaigns from one account. In the past multiple accounts were required for different campaigns, objectives, budgets, regions, and even different creative. Now this is no longer the case.
  • With the new campaign management system, conducting trials and test campaigns is easy. Test new ideas and optimize your campaigns in order to find the absolute best campaign ROI.
  • Manage your campaign budgets at multiple levels. Set daily spend limits at both the campaign level, and ad group level.
  • The new advertiser dashboard displays campaign highlights and performance results, all in one easy to access place.
  • Mix and match filters to get different reports. Track events on the chart/graph to understand campaign performance better. The deep level of analytics now available will help you determine how to improve the efficiency and get best ROI.
  • Create multiple logins for different campaign managers to manage different campaigns, all from the same account.

Please continue to provide us your feedback, as it's an essential part of the design process. We will continue to make tweaks and upgrades that will improve your experience even further. Thank you, Sridhar Ranganathan VP of Product Management

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