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InMobi Insights: How do moviegoers in Korea use their smartphones?

Varun K Ramachandra
Varun K Ramachandra
5 min read
Posted on May 27, 2013
InMobi Insights: How do moviegoers in Korea use their smartphones?

The Insights team at InMobi is excited to share the results of the recently conducted Movie Goers study in Korea. This research was conducted to better understand the role of mobile among moviegoers in Korea. This focuses on how mobile devices are used when finding and sharing information about movies, role of mobile ads in movie decision process, and ways in which mobile is used when picking a movie to see, and where and how to see it. Korean moviegoers - young and old; frequent and infrequent, consider their mobile phone as a tool that connects them to the world of information. The survey results are quite interesting as they reveal a growing trend of mobile users in Korea who use their mobile phones to research a movie before going to the theatre. The results are as given below:

-Mobile is the preferred source of information for exploring movies among Korean smartphone users.

-Getting movie times and locations is the most common movie planning activity.

- 61% of them have downloaded a movie related app, making apps an important channel to reach moviegoers. Marketers should use multiple calls to action to reach audiences on mobile, including trailers, ads, and social media.

- CGV App, Portal (naver, daum) & Lotte Cinema App are the top three preferred apps for getting movie information.

- Video Ads, Banner Ads and In-App Ads are the most influential/preferred mobile ad formats when selecting a movie.

- Theatre logistics, purchase options for buying tickets, and plot/synopsis are the important call to actions preferred in a mobile ad.

This research clearly establishes the importance of mobile devices while choosing a movie, watching a movie, and while sharing information about movies. To know more, download the presentation here

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