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InMobi Interstitials

Maryam Motamedi
Maryam Motamedi
5 min read
Posted on February 13, 2013
InMobi Interstitials

How do advertisers get the undivided attention of their target audience? This is an age old question that marketers have been trying to answer. With so many connected devices and so much stimulation all around, now your audience is even more distracted. In pre-digital days, we were more aware of the size of the ad, and the real estate it took to erect an eye-catching ad. Re-introducing Interstitials! An Interstitial is a full page ad which appears between content pages. Interstitials are common to gaming and mobile apps, as they are conducive to the content 'interruption' between gaming levels. Due to the sheer nature of the Interstitial appearing within the flow of regular content, this type of ad captures the attention of the user more prominently than other ads. The user may close the ad to get back to the intended content. About 10% of all mobile ad inventory at InMobi is Interstitials, but there is potential for so much more. Interstitials are like the power foods of the mobile ad world. Last year, all we heard in health food news was about eating more kale and quinoa! If ads were food, you would want to eat Interstitials. Interstitials are good all around: higher returns for the publisher, higher ROI for the advertiser, and more attention from the user. The Cost Per Download (CPD) of performance ads is up to 50% lower, while the Publisher enjoys a whopping 5-10 times higher eCPM! Interstitials also occupy about 10x more space than banner ads. See below:

Based on InMobi's metrics, here are the top 6 reasons you should love interstitials:

1-PERFORMANCE GUARANTEED InMobi interstitials deliver nearly 20 times the engagement rates, 7 times the conversion rates and 8 times the overall monetization vs. traditional banners. Whether you are an advertiser or a publisher, interstitials will surpass your performance expectations.

2- REAL ESTATE Interstitials ensure there is little distraction for the user when the ads are served. By leveraging all available real estate on the screen, whether smartphone or tablet, they maximize user attention, giving the ad its best chance to generate a click, a conversion, or other intended call to action.

3- CLEANER USER EXPERIENCE Typically served either prior to app launch, in between app levels or before exit, interstitials allow the user to engage with the core content inside the app without ad interference.

4- SOLVES FOR AD BLIND SPOT Traditional banners often get served in the users blind spot - and miss the attention they deserve. Blind spots are usually blind because of either location, size, or ad fatigue...With interstitials, you are guaranteed the attention of the user, as they are fully immersed in existing content, and will see your ad amidst intended content. Interstitials can be considered the cousin of native advertising.

5- MORE REAL ESTATE TO SHOWCASE AN ENGAGING AD With nearly 10 times the real estate available on traditional banners, interstitials allow you to achieve your creative best in the ad content and maximize user engagement.

6- MOMENTARY INTERRUPTION Unlike traditional banners, which persist on the screen during the entire session, Interstitials appear only momentarily, therefore minimizing ad interference during the session. Interstitials are not ever-present, and therefore the user does not develop a blind spot for them like they would for other types of ads-- as mentioned above.

I hope this encourages you to consider more interstitials in your ad mix. You can see the results for yourselves!

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