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InMobi Mobile Insights January Global Report: Smartphone Explosion!

Surag Patel
Surag Patel
5 min read
Posted on March 08, 2011
InMobi Mobile Insights January Global Report: Smartphone Explosion!

Today we released our InMobi Mobile Insights Network Research Global edition for January 2011. This report is the first look at the global InMobi network datfor 2011, which highlighted some very interesting trends. There were noteworthy trends across the globe, with the most notable being the surge in smartphone impressions. The industry knows smartphones are continuing to penetrate the market and mobile mediconsumption is growing, but the rate at which the market is growing is likely to surprise even the most optimistic experts. Across the global InMobi network, smartphone impressions nearly doubled in just 3 months. That alone is very surprising, but when you consider the volume (+5.6 Billion monthly impressions) it is even more surprising. Summary of findings:

  • Globally, smartphones now represent 1 of every 3 impressions on the InMobi network.
  • AsiPacific: Android impressions quadrupled in just 3 months, although it still represents only 5% of the overall AsiPacific market.
  • North America: Android surges past iPhone OS as the top operating system in the region, now representing 37% of available impressions int he region.
  • Europe: 60% of all impressions are on smartphones, much higher than the global average.
  • Africa: 99% of all impressions occur on the mobile web in the region, with very little traffic on mobile apps.
  • Latin America: Nokicontinues to hold the top manufacturer rank by impressions in this region with 38% share.

Find the full report at: www.inmobi.com/research

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