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InMobi Showcase app on Google Play Store

Shrikant Latkar
Shrikant Latkar
VP of Marketing
5 min read
Posted on August 08, 2013
InMobi Showcase app on Google Play Store

On the heels of our InMobi Showcase app on iOS, we are super excited to announce that the same app is now available on Google Play.

With mobile advertising still in its early stages of rapid growth, we thought that this is the best way to showcase the most creative and fun ads that are created on our InMobi Studio platform. The app allows you to interact with the ad in the same way an end user would in-app or on a mobile website. See the immersive, innovative and engaging ads our in-house creative services team has created today! We will be enhancing this app by adding more features and updating with new creatives, so stay tuned. Tell us what you think we'd love to hear from you! Click here to download InMobi Showcase App.

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Shrikant is responsible for all marketing activities for InMobi globally. Additionally, he is also responsible for market research (InMobi Insights) and corporate communications. Shrikant has spent over 18 years in the technology industry in a wide variety of marketing, product management, and engineering leadership roles. Prior to InMobi, Shrikant was responsible for marketing all products and solutions for the Aricent Group comprising of three strategic business units - product engineering services, carrier services and solutions, and frog. He has also worked in various leadership roles in marketing, product management and engineering at Juniper Networks, Avaya and Lucent Technologies Bell Labs.Having lead both products and services businesses, Shrikant brings a well rounded perspective for all aspects of product management and marketing.

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