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InMobi World Developer Fund Success Story: Simpaddico

Gregory Kennedy
Gregory Kennedy
5 min read
Posted on July 30, 2010
InMobi World Developer Fund Success Story: Simpaddico

Simpaddico is a mobile app developer who has created numerous apps for both the iTunes App Store and Android Market. A number of their apps have reached the top of the app store rankings including Air Horn (Free!), their most popular app. Air Horn is an app that turns any iOS device into a virtual air horn and saw a huge number of downloads during this year's World Cup. Simpaddico's apps have been downloaded over 8 million times in the past two years. Their apps generate over 10 million ad requests per month and Simpaddico is a great partner for InMobi.

1. When did you start Simpaddico? My business partner Adam Lewis and I started Simpaddico in February 2009.

2. What inspired you to get started? We were inspired to get started after I created a simple Rubik's Cube app one weekend. We posted it to the App Store and were pleasantly surprised at the sales numbers. After that, we realized we had to take advantage of the opportunities in the App Store.

3. Are you self funded? Yes, we are 100% self-funded and profitable.

4. What is your design / development strategy? How do you pick projects to work on? We analyze the market for ideas that seem to show demand and then we improve upon those ideas.

5. What are your future plans? We will continue to grow our product line. We're currently in the planning stages, with some more in-depth projects. We want to take full advantage of what mobile platforms can offer.

6. What advice do you have other developers trying to build an app business? Be honest and don't steal. www.simpaddico.com

About InMobi's World Developer Fund

InMobi has created a $2 million dollar fund, where we offer app developer 100% revenue earned on all your mobile advertising. The program is open to all developers who sign up and lasts until the $2 million fund is gone. In order to participate simply sign-up here https://www.inmobi.com/app/registration.html) to get access to our iPhone, iPad, or Android SDKs. Download it, include all available data anonymously (such as demographics) to maximize the money you can earn, and start earning money from your apps. For information visit this link: http://inmobi.com/smart-dev/worlddevfund/






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