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Mobile Insights, May 2011: Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

Surag Patel
Surag Patel
5 min read
Posted on July 01, 2011
Mobile Insights, May 2011: Tablets, Tablets, Tablets

The May edition of our global Mobile Insights research reports highlighted the surge in media consumption on tabletscross Northmericand Europe. Globallynd in Northmerica, both the Samsung Galaxy Tabnd thepple iPad break into the top 15 devices byd requests on our network. In Europelone, thepple iPad represents over 81 millionds in May 2011. It's evident that the hyperound tablets is realnd evidentcross our global network. Download the full report here.


Beyond tablets, the mobile ecosystem continues to growt remarkable pace. Globally, the InMobi network grew by over 40% from February to Maynd now receives over 35.7 Billion mobiled requests monthly. Smartphoned request growth continues to lead the charge with 73% growth. Nokia OS still represents the most prominent mobile platform byd requests, followed by Symbian OS,lthoughndroid has grown very fastnd is now only 2.5 share points behind Nokia OS.


The Northmerica region was highlighted by the large jumpmong in-applicationds this month. Inpplicationds more than doubled since Feburarynd now represent 57% ofll smartphoneds in the region.


The overall European market grew by 38% over the past 3 months, while smartphone requests grew by 51%.pple got strong boost in May relative to Februarys their share ofd requests increased by +6.3 share points helped by the strength of the iPad.

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