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We Love Our Interns!

Kathie Green
Kathie Green
5 min read
Posted on August 15, 2012
We Love Our Interns!

One of the great things about working at InMobi is the internship program. Every few months the San Francisco office begins to shine with few new faces. This summer has been busy internship season, and we are sad to see it come to an end, as many of our summer interns are gearing up to head back to school. This group of seven hard working brainiacs has devoted hundreds of hours to learning the ins-and-outs of Mobile Advertising. In the spirit of the Olympics, these gold medal worthy interns have all greatly contributed to the success of our company and to our fun loving culture. Their roles, talents, and experiences range from campaign management, sales, marketing automation, product marketing, business development, and product management. We can't wait to see what comes next in their bright futures, whether it's here at InMobi or wherever they end up! Thanks to each of you for your hard work, smiling faces, and great attitudes.

In Their Own Words: AnnShusterman, Marketing Operations Intern

At InMobi, I have had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of Marketing Automation. As the Marketing Operations Intern, I have been tasked with the day-to-day management and execution of all things regarding our Marketo integration. This means that I have ownership of number of email marketing projects, from newsletters to event invitations. I have been working with both the global and regional marketing teams to optimize all of their email marketing endeavors. Working with InMobi in this capacity has given me rich and exciting challenge, and I have enjoyed growing my marketing background in such fun and high energy atmosphere. I spent the last year after college working as sales and marketing assistant at corporate insurance company. I left my position to intern with InMobi because I believed that the experience I would gain would be invaluable to my career, and because I wanted to leave behind the corporate finance world in favor of fun start-up! I graduated from UC SantBarbarJune 2011 with Bin Business Economics and minor in English. Fun Fact: I have two year old puppy named Charlie and an eleven year old cat named Smokey. They do not get along.

BrennCollins, Sales Intern

Ive been primarily handling the lead generation program in which I am going through the Comscore report and identifying advertisers that are and are not in Salesforce. I also run sales summary reports that are presented in Peters Monday meeting. Now Im in the process of finding replacement interns for those that are leaving soon. I like working at InMobi because of the work environment. Its fun atmosphere but also people are able to get what they need to get done while enjoying themselves. I recently graduated in June from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, with degree in Journalism concentrating on Public Relations. Fun Facts: I love reading and do it on my commute. Since working at InMobi, Ive read three books just on my way to and from work.

Frankie Wong, Campaign Manager Intern

At InMobi, I've had the pleasure with working on both the advertiser and publisher side as Partner/Campaign Manager intern. My duties for each department has allowed me to grasp bigger picture on how our network functions as collective unit. Essentially, I got the best of both worlds! As Performance Campaign Manager intern, my job entails working closely with advertisers to launch campaign initiatives. My main objective as CM intern is to optimize our client's needs to the best of my ability; this involves pulling reports, setting up campaigns and ad groups, and finalizing creatives accordingly. In retrospect, I've gain an invaluable amount of experience throughout my time here at InMobi and look forward to grow with the company in such competitive mobile advertising landscape. I've graduated from UC SantCruz earlier this year with major in Politics and emphasis in Information Systems Management & Technology. Fun Facts: 'Google before you Tweet' is the new 'Think before you Speak'!

JackieChoi, Business Development Intern

I'm interning with the Business Development team at InMobi's North Americoffice. Going into my second week of internship, I've primarily worked on lead generation process development. This included lead qualification, using InMobi's CRM salesforce, picking up lot on the publisher's side of the business.In the short period of time here, I learned so much about the nature of mobile advertising, not to mention InMobi's increasing role in the industry. Although I'm relatively new here compared to other interns, I love the people and the work so much that I feel like I've been here forever! I look forward to learning more and contributing in any way I can for the time I'm here. I go to Brown University, studying International Relations with focus on political economy. I'll be finishing off my last semester this fall and will be graduating December of this year. Fun fact: It is my first time on the West coast this summer and I absolutely love it, I plan to move out here upon graduation!

Jayden Eick,Ad Operations and Account Management Intern

I build, execute, and optimize advertising campaigns on the Brand side of the house. I communicate daily with clients to discuss campaign goals and metrics, including helping clients navigate our suite of products and reporting tools.InMobi really is challenging and hands-on environment. Working in the mobile industry has not only brought me closer to the next frontier in advertising solutions, but also given an even broader understanding of medibuying and how the entire advertising industry functions. The experience is practical and the results are real. Being able to communicate with and take ownership of client accounts helped me build lasting relationships and skills that no student leaving college should be without. I'm entering my senior year at the USC Marshall School of Business Studying Digital Marketing and Advertising, Music Industry and Legal Fun Facts: I once ran Miley Cyrus twitter for day. Im DJ.

Peter Vu, Sprout Intern

As someone switching careers from the white-shoe confines of investment banking/private equity into the irreverent, entrepreneurial realm of technology, InMobi has been the perfect place to make that transition. This summer, I was the sole intern in the Sprout division, which develops self-serve ad tech platform for advertisers and developers to create rich mediads on their own. Not only have I been given tremendous responsibility to lead multiple projects, but my team has also given me broad exposure to all facets of the business: product management, business development, marketing, and operations. Most importantly, the senior leaders here care about your development and building tightknit culturewhether its grabbing coffee and walking me through the complex ecosystem of mobile advertising or inviting me to go hiking with them on the weekends. Ive had great summer and cant wait to see this company scale! I will be finishing up my MBat Harvard Business School next year in spring 2013. I graduated from UCLwith major in Business-Economics. Fun Fact:I also have an identical twin like Tyler, but unlike me, hes saving the world this summer by interning for the United Nations in Liberia. In my spare time, you can catch me at an indie rock show or doing CrossFit to train for my next Ironman triathlon.

Tyler Valdes,Ad Operations and Account Management Intern

As an intern at InMobi I have learned quite bit about the mobile advertising industry. In very thought-provoking and hands on environment, I have been able to build, optimize, and monitor advertising campaigns on both the Performance and Brand side of the business. Through this, I have garnered deeper understanding of how InMobis system and tools work to successfully attain the goals of their clients. This learning experience is one that cannot be taught in classroom and one that I feel lucky to have obtained. This fall I will be senior at Stanford University. I am majoring in Management Science and Engineering with concentration in Organization, Technology, and Entrepreneurship with the possibility finishing up minor in Civil Environmental Engineering. Fun Fact: I have twin brother and we both compete on the cross-country and track & field team for Stanford.

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