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A New Chapter in the History of Mobile Advertising

Naveen Tewari
Naveen Tewari
5 min read
Posted on April 29, 2014
A New Chapter in the History of Mobile Advertising

Over the last few years, one of the things that constantly bothered me was that we were powering an entire industry on the back of banner ads, which we never liked. InMobi has worked with more than 30,000+ app developers, fielded 4 billion+ ad requests per day, and helped them monetize their apps on the back of our best-in-class technology and global scale. However, along with helping developers monetize at scale, we also want to give users a great experience.

So, early last year, we decided to disrupt the industry and change the way ads are viewed today. We took it upon ourselves to achieve one goal, which is to make ads beautiful and give the user a seamless, non-intrusive experience. We decided to break up with banners!

However, this couldn’t be done in isolation. We want to empower every developer out there to monetize using native ads. That is our way of ensuring that we are truly causing disruption and a fundamental shift in the industry towards making ads beautiful and to accelerate the death of banner ads.

At present, a large portion of native advertising is limited to just five big companies. We wanted to change this and democratize native ads and bring it to all developers. InMobi Native Ads platform will give the power to all developers in the world to monetize through native ads and giving users a great experience. We are absolutely thrilled to democratize native ads and disrupt the industry.

As we launched this platform, we also made all the ads in our network native enabled, we called it 'making our ads liquid’. This takes care of the biggest concern that any developer would have going for a native platform.

Since our beta launch in January, we are seeing phenomenal response from the industry. We are already serving native ads in 35+ countries, and over ~20 billion native ads a month with average performance that is 4-5X better than banner ad units! These results are based on 250 mn users that have seen native ads from InMobi in the past several weeks.

So, as I lay awake typing this up at 2 AM IST, I am positive that with native ads self-serve, we will soon rewrite history. I expect us to work with tens of thousands of developers and offer native ad experiences to billions of users globally. We are keen to see what developers do with our platform and the amazing ad experiences they will build. We are very serious about powering the entire developer ecosystem to move past banners to native ads.

I am ecstatic and in love with the product we have built, thrilled about its prospects and riveted with this new chapter for mobile advertising - and, that, as many at InMobi will attest – is definitely going in the history of Mobile advertising!

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