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Ad Club NY Leaders Have Their Say On The Most Important Mobile Trends This Year

Ramya Rajan
Ramya Rajan
5 min read
Posted on March 11, 2015
Ad Club NY Leaders Have Their Say On The Most Important Mobile Trends This Year

Last week, the world of mobile was on show at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. For a timely trend watch, the AD Club reached out to leaders and members for their views on the most important mobile trends in 2015. InMobi’s Head of Marketing in North America, Rick Jones ( @rickjonestweets) talked about the significant changes we can expect to see in mobile viewing behaviour and consumer engagement.

"We will undoubtedly see amazing new mobile capabilities introduced in 2015, but the bigger trends may be how mobile viewing behavior and using mobile devices as a portal for just about everything continue to change how consumers engage with the world. As advertisers, we will find that mobile native advertising – where the ad fits in naturally with the form and function of the surrounding user experience – becomes more standard and measurably increases engagement with our campaigns. And as native mobile becomes increasingly available for both direct as well as programmatic buys, marketers are likely to consider experimenting more broadly with this evolving ad format thus helping it to develop even faster.”

Advertisers must also keep an eye on snack-able mobile content, payments, performance, privacy, UX, and interconnectivity, as these trends are slated to hit every marketer's agenda in the coming months. Check out everyone’s views on this important topic here.

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