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An April Fool's Day Prank, But The Future Is Indeed Native Ads

Naveen Tewari
Naveen Tewari
5 min read
Posted on April 03, 2014
An April Fool's Day Prank, But The Future Is Indeed Native Ads

This April Fool’s Day, we announced on our blog that we will be running only native ads on our network - "We are bringing down the curtain on banner ads effective immediately. InMobi will only serve ads that are seamlessly integrated into the entire user experience."

That, of course, was an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank played out by us!

While we had fun planning the prank, it was lovely to see the wide range of reactions online. Here are some of them:

Some even picked it up as a news piece!


Post by Happy Marketer.

While the April’s Fools Day “announcement” was wholly tongue-in-cheek, we are dead serious about native ads. Because that is where the future of mobile advertising is.

For the first time in mobile advertising, or possibly advertising for that matter, users, publishers and advertisers all stand to win with native ads format. Native ads offer an in-context experience for the consumer by allowing publishers to adapt the ads to the form, function, and content of their property. This means higher engagement for the advertiser and consequently higher monetization for the publishers, while preserving user experience.

The future of mobile advertising is clearly here!

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