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Anatomy of InMobi Rewarded Video Ads

Irene Herranz
Irene Herranz
Head of Global Developer Marketing
5 min read
Posted on October 12, 2016
Anatomy of InMobi Rewarded Video Ads

Rewarded video is the perfect way for developers to integrate ads into their app that incentivizes the user with in-app coins or currency for watching the entire video. With rewarded video advertising, everyone wins. The user is rewarded with relevant goodies, the advertiser has the user’s undivided attention while the video ad is playing which results in higher performance and therefore, the publisher earns more revenue.

Such user opt-in advertising experience brings superior user retention, keeping users engaged for a longer amount of time and away from abandoning the game due to hasty ad overload. The magic math behind this high performing format can be nerdily formulated as follows:

User * (Engagement + Retention) = Uplift *(Completed Views + CTR) ⇨ Boost In-app Monetization

Introducing the InMobi Rewarded Video Experience

In this blog post, we aim to visually deep dive into how we deliver rewarded video ads at the natural breaks of the iOS app flow. Taking as case in point the game flow of Subway Surfers by our gaming partner Kiloo. In particular, we feature the end of game placement where users are offered the opportunity of doubling up the collected prices during the just finalized gameplay race. As an advertiser, we are showcasing the fantastic UA video campaign of Uber, with the objective of looking to drive app installs of their flagship Uber app.

Seamless and intuitive, the InMobi end-to-end rewarded video ad experience consists of three simple and distinctive steps:


  1. Offer - User sees an offer that can be implemented across different ad placements within the app- for in-app reward in exchange for watching a video. Please note that InMobi can help you implement rewarded video across different parts of your app to match your specific game dynamics and unique design for a truly non-disruptive ad experience.
  2. Watch - User opts-in to watch the video and right away (no buffering!) a full-screen 100% viewable HD video ad plays. This video is non-skippable, between 15 and 30 seconds long. A sleek progress bar is included at the bottom of the clip as a visual aid to help manage user expectations. Once the video has ended, an interstitial end card is shown with a clear call-to-action “INSTALL NOW” that directs users to the App Store to prompt immediate action and drive app downloads.
  3. Reward - After closing the end card with the (X) button, the user is returned to the app flow, having earned their promised reward clearly stated with a notification message. This happy user is now ready to game on, supercharged with extra neat goodies that will keep him/her playing for longer than an average session free of rewarded ads.

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